Surespan Bridge Rental’s large inventory of portable bridges have been used in a nearly every industry from forestry, mining and pipelines to municipal, real estate developers and even private land owners. The pre-engineered, easy to assemble components can be installed and relocated quickly and efficiently answering a wide range of temporary and semi-permanent crossing challenges, including pipeline access. Designed for easy transport with standardized engineering,  pre-build portable bridges are a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution with minimal environmental impact.

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Surespan has been serving the resource industry with temporary and semi-permanent bridge solutions since its inception and was instrumental in the conception, design and manufacturing of portable bridges in Canada. Surespan Bridge Rental has staging yards in Duncan, BC, Langley, BC and Ayr, ON.

We Plan:

Custom Designs and Options:
Inventory available for sale or purchase, from standard dimensions and load rating specifications to custom designs and bearing capacities.

For rapid deployment, easy transport and efficient installation. All structures can be provided with engineered drawings and appropriate certifications as well as engineering.

Load Specifications:
Optional load ratings are available to suit specific requirements – BCL625, L75, L100, L150, L165 and a variety of other Canadian and US equivalents.

We Build:

Specific Crossing Options:
Multiple solutions include temporary and permanent bridges; pedestrian, traffic and resource bridges.

Specific Deck Options:
To meet your transport requirements, we can provide steel, concrete and timber decks.

Specific Dimension Options:
From single-lane to double-lane to multi-lane options, Surespan can provide the solution.

Specific Guard Rail Options:
We can install standard HSS guardrails to timber or W-beam. Surespan works with clients to develop any other custom options that may be required.

We Maintain:

Site Access and Installations:
With dedicated crews for bridge installations and a manufacturing facility developing inventory, Surespan can keep your project areas open to traffic, even in emergencies.

Relationships and Partnerships:
With repeat clientele going back for decades, a focus on quality service and close working relationships with clients, First Nations and Governments is integral to our success.

Safety and Environmental Policy:
Every site must be safe and treated as environmentally sensitive. We adhere to multi-jurisdictional OH&S regulations and work closely with clients, government agencies and the general public to mitigate all possible threats.

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