Surespan Structures has grown, over the past 26 years, from producing pre-cast concrete bridges and steel deck portable bridges primarily for the forestry industry to producing large precast and pre-stressed permanent bridges for diverse clients.

Along with our various types of bridges, the company also produces architectural and structural concrete panels, earth and retaining walls, coping, road barriers, girders, pipe and pipeline weights and anchors as well as utility vaults.

Surespan Structures also includes Surefloat, the only marine float manufacturer in the Northwest who manufactures in a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and PCI/CPCI/CPCQA (Canadian Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute) certified facility.

Surespan Structures also provides installation and erection services.


SURESPAN structures

Our steel shop is capable of producing in excess of 5000 Tonnes of fabricated steel per year. In 2020, our concrete division manufactured over 7800 m3 of precast.

In 2021, Surespan Structures’ new beam machine came online in our newly expanded from 66m to 102m long steel shop. An additional 18m extension is planned in 2022. A complete secondary workshop of 100m long with Overhead Cranes is planned for the near future.

Interior Concrete Production Shop includes:

  • Precast forming and casting area (1,220 m2)
  • Prestress Box Girder Casting Bed complete with steam plant for vapour cure
  • One 5 Ton overhead Gantry Crane
  • Two 30 Ton overhead Gantry Cranes
  • Steam Generator for vapour cure inside main shop.
  • Planned 80’/24m Expansion

Steel Fabrication Shop includes:

Exterior Concrete Production Area

  • Double T Precast forming and casting area complete with vapor cure
  • Highway Barrier casting and storage area
  • 35 Ton overhead Gantry Crane
  • Sandblast shop

Storage Yard

  • 80 Ton Straddle carrier allows flexible storage of large pieces throughout yard

Quality Assurance Department

  • CPCI/CPCQA & CSA Certified
  • Test Cylinder Lab
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